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ZACH-VAC's Story

Have you ever been in a place and you get bored? Your eyes start to wonder around and you begin to notice things you typically wouldn't recognize. That's the very beginning of how it all started for ZACH VAC.

Owner, Zach Nauss, was working at a food processing facility when he noticed a large amount of dust gathering on the duct work, piping, conduit, and machines. He knew this facility had "clean team" but also knew those areas weren't reachable with a typical man-lift due to manufacturing equipment and platforms in the way. Being the entrepreneur minded individual Zach is, he immediately thought this could be a good business idea and a great service to local companies. 

Zach has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State and has worked in many different roles in a variety of facilities including steel building manufacturing, food processors, machine shops, foundries, recycling centers, farm equipment manufacturers and medical/dental device manufacturers. 

From start to finish we strive to make this service as painless as possible. We guarantee complete satisfaction because you deserve it.